18mm extra thin magnetic snaps in antique brass finish


Type: pronged magnetic snaps
Diameter: 18mm (0.8 inch)
Thickness: extra thin (2mm)
Finish: Antique brass (brown)

Quantity Quantity Price
5 - 14 $1.57
15 - 39 $1.07
40 - 99 $0.72
100 - 239 $0.42
240 - 599 $0.40
600 - 1499 $0.38


Bulk rate is based off combined quantity of all EXTRA THIN MAGNETIC SNAPS.
Add that classy touch to your DIY handmade bag with these 18mm extra thin magnetic snaps. The extra thin magnets are much stronger than the thicker magnets.These magnetic snaps are brand new and ready to use.

Crafting Tip
For a secure and lasting installation, please read up on pronged magnetic snap installation techniques.

Required Supplies
1. Pliers (any type will do)
2. Prepared bag or similar project where magnetic snap is intended to be installed

Recommended Supplies (depending on installation technique used)
1. Fray check or fray check substitute
2. Button hole configuration on sewing machine
3. Plastic canvas or interfacing

A variety of sizes, thickness, and finishes are available at Tantalizing Stitches!
18mm, 14mm, and 10mm extra thin magnetic snaps are available at Tantalizing Stitches.

18mm and 14mm magnetic snaps are available in both regular (4mm) and extra thin (2mm) thickness. Select styles are available in nickel and antique brass finish.


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