My friend Sandy is moving!

We met online through the Crafting for Animals Guild. The Crafting For Animals Guild is a group of artists and crafters on who are dedicated to catering to the needs of animals by either creating and designing items for animals or by supporting and / or raising funds for charitable animal organizations. I started the group several years ago. Sandy joined last year and was a big help in spiriting our group. Just like me, she loves animals.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, she is moving and needs to find new forever homes for her furbabies. I have had to do this in the past as well. It really is a hard thing to do but sometimes the best things to do are the hardest to live with. If you are interested in knowing more about her little pooch, please let me know.

In addition wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of her creations found forever homes? Take a look of what she has to offer here.

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