Vertical Pencil SkirtI was inspired by Josi Hannon Madera’s Perfect Pencil Skirt to make something for myself. But instead of those horizontal lines, I was determined to make them vertical both for aesthetic (more slimming appearance) and practical (stretchier fabric) reasons. I tried to figure out where she was adding stitches, which would translate into rows on my skirt.

Unfortunately, like most of my first attempts, it was two short (my stitches were thinner than expected!) and too wide (my rows were too tall!). However, these two problems were not too difficult to fix – I simply added a waistband of rows of back loop crochet at the top while decreasing the number of stitches in each row (this skirt was turned and was not done in the round). I couldn’t understand how to get the elastic in so I just had to settle for the skirt setting lower than I wanted and having the waist so lose (to allow it to go over my hips). Even with the waistband, the skirt was still too short. So I added some fringe on the bottom. Eventually, I gave up because it just wasn’t getting long enough (and you can see the row additions!). I can’t wear this one to work!

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