The current Canada post strike has caused havoc for small online businesses around the world. Besides the fact that Canadian based online stores have had to close their doors, most online businesses, especially U.S. based online businesses, that have many Canadian customers are losing hours stressed out over the Canadian post strike.

I have tried alternatives to USPS / Canada post and they just are not viable. With packages weighing less than one pound and with a value of less than $100, UPS and FedEx charge an arm and a leg for both delivery and customs fees. For example, when sent by UPS, one customer was charged more in customs fees than the price of the item.

When people think about postal delivery perhaps they just think about the perhaps outdated service of letter delivery, like this article. However, with the development of the internet, postal service has become more than delivery of letters – it now is part of an intricate web of international business.

Perhaps the reason postal services are losing money is because they haven’t made the switch in business model from honing in on paper letters and advertisements to small packages and parcels. I am not sure. But what I am sure of is that postal service is necessary in the expanding online world of ecommerce.

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