UPDATES: Update 1

Black Puppy Needing HomeThe life of a stray puppy in Saipan is bleak. With no animal cruelty laws and no homeless shelter, they are left to their own demise, unless they are fortunate enough to be found by a caring human.

Brown Puppy Needing HomeJust a couple of days ago, two puppies landed on my front driveway. Both have the heart of a tiger but they need help. They have mange, although the brown one has it significantly more. They both are at a good weight but I do not know how old they are. Its often difficult to find a home for sick puppies, so I have decided to sell my crocheted items for their benefit at my etsy shop – at least 15% of each purchase will go towards them. If there is excess funds, they will be donated to PAWS, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping out animals in need. For those people in Saipan, contact me directly so I can save you on shipping (I’ll drop it off to you).

If you are interested in adopting these puppies, contact El.

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