Grammy’s Rosy Cloche 1I’ve had much of my Japanese grandmother’s (obaasama) yarn stash for almost a year but couldn’t figure out what to make out of it. She was a knitter – I am a crocheter – and the difference between our stash was understandable. She liked delicate natural yarn, mostly mohair and wool. I like fat yarn. I felt bad tripling or quadrupling the yarn so I just left it there, in my yarn room.

Grammy’s Rosy Cloche 2This week, I finally got out my f hook and took a plunge at some of her thicker yarns. Obaasama had started to knit a skirt with this particular yarn, some kind of double layered, reversible one but she only had the front half done. So while I was ripping the yarn and winding it into a pull skein, I started thinking and thinking and came up with this pattern.

Like all my patterns, I like to make it easily alterable to any size and I try to make swatching a minimum (no swatching needed but those that insist, swatch as you go).

This cloche has already been adopted by my first customer but if you would like me to custom make one for you, (contact me. If you would like to make this cloche for yourself or as a gift or charity item, I have provided this pattern free here. I would be delighted if you sent me a picture of your cloche you made from my pattern. If you find any problems in my pattern, please contact me. If you know the solution, please send it to me so I can update the pattern. Thanks!

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