For customers with little experience purchasing online, I have found that Google Checkout provides the easiest checkout experience. When I refer to “little experience purchasing online” I mean customers who do not regularly purchase on the web. These customers are more accustomed to purchasing directly at a brick and mortar store.

Because of their inexperience with online purchasing, many have never touched Paypal. Since Paypal is no longer the only resource for accepting payments, there is no need to drag your customer through Paypal if there is an easier alternative.

If you have ever purchased through Google Checkout you will noticed the biggest difference is the large form on the left that immediately instructs you to insert your information. Paypal, on the other hand, immediately instructs you to log in and only provides a microscopic link to pay without an account. Because most new customers would never have had a Paypal account, they get immediately confused or refuse to open an account. Many customers who are not regular online purchasers are often skeptical about creating an account and often fail to finish their purchase payment.

Thus, when I have an Artfire purchase that has not been paid by the end of the business day, I usually send them a Google Checkout Invoice. Before I send the invoice, I send them an email stating that I have received their order but their payment has not processed. For their convenience I have provided them a Google Checkout Invoice.

This has worked out very well as the Google Checkout process seems more streamlined and better equipped for a person’s first internet purchase.

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