Last week I received an email from Sarah Shaw, the Entreprenette, for a call from artists and crafters for some hip Bags, Shoes, and Wallets. The deadline has since past but she may send out calls for other items in the near future.

According to her description, a hot movie in production by the producers of the Hangover is looking for some free or almost free items to clothe their actors in the movie. It sounds like a cool opportunity to me. They are looking for:

“… urban Los Angeles, hipster style high school or college age kids, very real looking, current styles, original style, not main stream, more off beat. Vintage or upcycled looks are very interesting to them.”

So why not try to get in the movie and submit?
I am not affiliated with this project at all (I just thought it was a cool opportunity) so please send all questions to Sarah (you will find a link to her FB in the link above.)

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