Layette for Jen’s baby boyLayette for Jen’s baby boyI made this layette set for my friend’s baby boy last year. Even though her baby was gigantic (not newborn sized), the hat fit him . . . I am glad I didn’t take it apart to make it smaller.

Made of 100% acrylic baby yarn, this set includes a 30 inch by 36 inch blanket, a baby hat, a scarf that doubles as a bow, and a blossom (for the mommy) in mint, lavender, and pink. All are original designs except the blossom, which is an adaptation of Megan Mill’s bourbon rose. The entire set can be washed by machine in the normal cycle and dried in the dryer on normal settings. In fact, to keep this set soft and fluffy, I recommend drying it in the dryer. Ethan and BlankieEthan and Blankie

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