Crafted with Love is an organization that solicits donations of original handmade items, which they sell. The proceeds are donated to certain no-kill shelters. They currently specialize in jewelry but they accept any artform. As soon as I can find something to suit the gallery, I will donate my crochet!Read More →

Everyone is talking about it and many are waiting for their invite. Well, I just got mine invite from Rivalry today and signed up right away. I’m still navigating through the site. Just being in a community of other crocheters (and knitters) has made my day already! My username isRead More →

I made this matching ribbon cloche right after I finished putting together obaasama’s ribbon vest but I just never posted it. I’ll be posting a pattern for it soon (I hope). I just sold it in my etsy store (I originally designed the In Bloom Flower for this hat.)