Brown Puppy Needing HomeBlack Puppy Needing HomeOn June 13, 2007, two stray puppies landed on El’s driveway. With their affectionate eyes, they begged for her help. After contemplating what to do, El decided to take them in, get them cleaned up, bring them back to health, and find them a home.

On June 15, 2007, El took the two puppies to the veterinarian and had them dewormed, treated for mange, and properly nourished. The veterinarian was kind enough to watch over them for the weekend free of charge to ensure their health stabilizes and to prevent the spread of mange to El’s other pets. The bill, however, amounted to $335.13.

On Monday, June 18, 2007, El picked up the puppies to find them with substantially more weight and more fur and much more energy! They were ready to go home. Since then, El has been feeding them with food and antibiotics. Just look at them now (June 29, 2007).Browny Needs HomeBlacky Needs Home

These puppies lucky day came on July 7, 2007, when a great family adopted them. The puppies are now playing with several cats and dogs and a great bunch of kids.Thanks to the Saipan Tribune for publishing an article on them.

Now that they have found a home, all that needs to be done is to pay for the veterinary care. Without the care they received, they would not be where they are today. Helping with the bill will ensure that El can save many more homeless puppies. You contribute to the veterinary bill in one of two ways, by either donating funds or by purchasing El’s crocheted items.


The life of a stray puppy in Saipan is bleak. With no animal cruelty laws and no homeless shelter, they are left to their own demise, unless they are fortunate enough to be found by a caring human. Your help is appreciated. El has been on Saipan for almost two years and since then, she has rescued 1 dog, 16 puppies, and 1 kitten.

Thank you for your support and don’t forget to check the updates.

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