biz cards are important

There is nothing more annoying than to search through your wallet to find no business cards right in the middle of a great conversation about your hat or necklace that you are wearing. Just this week, I have experienced this three times!

I was at the post office and I had one business card to show the clerk to get my mail so when the customer in line right in front of me commented on my crocheted hat, I had nothhing to give to her – a lost connection!

Then, while waiting for my bf at the hospital, I began speaking with a patient there after she asked what I was doing. What a perfect opportunity to show my business card but!!!! eek….. I had no business card to give as I left them all in the car. What a shame.

Then today, I was at the Tax Collector’s office and the clerk saw my note to visit Modern Mouse (in Alameda, CA) and she asked if I was the owner (I am not but I know the owner). We began talking and she told me she was helping her friend fill out a form to consign his artwork there. So what a perfect person to hand my biz card and again a lost connection.

So, the moral of the story is carry a load of business cards where ever you go as you just never know when you will need them.

So what kind of biz cards should you have and where should you get them? Its all up to you. If you only need a couple and quality is not too important, I suggest purchasing the free cards provided on . I say purchase because you’ll have to pay shipping and that in its self starts adding up. If you need a 1000 or more I highly suggest as they provide quality cards at a very good price. I purchased 1000 one sided business cards for a total of $25.03 (that includes tax and shipping). The quality was great as well – very thick and sturdy and the colors were brilliant.

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