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A Lovely One of a Kind Backpack

This backpack is so beautiful! What first struck me is the fabric! So I made my complement of awe to Stephanie and do you know what she said? This fabric is just plain canvas. But….. Stephanie spent hours painting the canvas to make it just right.

You can see in the second picture just how she created the flowers on the flap and the backside.

Oh. and look at all the hardware she used: swivel clips, d rings, rivets/grommets, and plastic slides.

This project was well planned so you can only guess how long it took to make? 12 hours! Wow, what patience. (I can imagine this does not include the shopping time to pick out all the supplies.) The bag is a little smaller than a regular backpack, about 12″ wide and 16″ tall. Stephanie plans to use it for the summer and made it just large enough to fit her sketchbook, sweater and water bottle.

Stephanie is the woman behind Soluci where she provides a little bit of handmade, vintage, and craft items.

(If you’d like your craft project featured on Tantalizing Stitches, please contact .)

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Meet DLM Designs by Sandy

My friend Sandy is moving!

We met online through the Crafting for Animals Guild. The Crafting For Animals Guild is a group of artists and crafters on who are dedicated to catering to the needs of animals by either creating and designing items for animals or by supporting and / or raising funds for charitable animal organizations. I started the group several years ago. Sandy joined last year and was a big help in spiriting our group. Just like me, she loves animals.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, she is moving and needs to find new forever homes for her furbabies. I have had to do this in the past as well. It really is a hard thing to do but sometimes the best things to do are the hardest to live with. If you are interested in knowing more about her little pooch, please let me know.

In addition wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of her creations found forever homes? Take a look of what she has to offer here.

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Eye Glass Case by Bagalicious

eye-case-spiderman Would you suspect that these eye glass cases were handmade? If not, think again. They are designed and created by Bagalicious and available for purchase. She has many fabric patterns available for these eye glasses and because these are handmade you can probably request something special for you or your friend. Just check out her fabric choices and send her a message through facebook, twitter, or etsy.

eye-case-orangeThere are many reasons to purchase anything handmade, but the best reason I find for these eye glass case is that you can match them to your bag, purse, wristlet, ipod case or about any other container that you have in mind. I especially like these eye glass case because it creatively used my hidden sew in magnetic snaps. Being a bag fan, I have a one track mind – providing hardware for bag makers – but as you can see there are many uses for these hidden magnetic snaps.