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My First Amigurumi

Crocheted CupcakeI finally ventured into amigurumi last October and made my boyfriend a cupcake for his birthday. He did not seem to excited but what else can you eat during Ramadan? I think the goats ate it.

I studied two patterns when making this cupcake: one was from Priscilla Hewitt and this yogurt cupcake. However, with some minor changes, I think I mainly followed Priscilla’s pattern. And, I just had to add some gold sprinkles!

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Flower Pin Bouquet

Flower Pin Collage
After reading about several craftie’s experiences at fairs, I decided I needed some kind of centerpiece for my booth at the street market. My inspiration for this flower pin bouquet came from my Japanese Grandma’s tissue cover that I found in her basement. She had crocheted it some time ago and it had always been upstairs in use. However, since she passed, someone had moved this centerpiece into the basement. The ribbon had been frayed and torn so I inserted a new ribbon. Luckily, I had a very similar ribbon already at home.

One major flaw of this bouquet is the packing, which I may re-do. Instead of using floral foam, I decided to wind up a ball of yarn. Although it went with the theme of crochet, this caused difficulty in inserting the chenille pipes into the ball of yarn, making the flowers a little wobbly.

Flower pin #1 is the one I generally apply to my Dianne Purse and is made of 100% acrylic. It is reinforced with chenille pipes, which is hidden inside the crochet.

Flower pin #2, #4, and #6 were originally made for my mother to match the shawl I made her for Christmas but I just couldn’t get it to go. They are primarily made out of mohair and sheep wool.

Flower pin #3 is very similar to Megan Mill’s Bourbon Rose with some alterations. They are made of 100% acrylic.

Flower pin #5 was originally made for an amigurumi kitty I made but I decided to accent her with a fabric scarf to emphasize the crochet yarn texture. It is made of 100% acrylic and embellished with gold seed beads.

I made flower pin #7 when I was attempting to work on my sewing technique. I had leftover scraps from a skirt that I made (terribly) and so I decided to make a fabric flower. I like it and may make more but probably smaller ones.

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Layette for Bf's Sister

Judd’s Sister’s LayetteI made this layette for my boyfriend’s sister’s baby boy. I was really worried that the baby would outgrow the set before he had a chance to even touch it so I insisted that he send it to his sister right away.

This color, what I call mint, is really my favorite baby color for a boy or girl. This one has pompadour, which makes the set a little shiny, which is what I like. I have never really liked variegated yarn to use as the main color but I really like how it accents.

Judd’s Sister’s LayetteThe baby blanket is made with the Tunisian knit stitch and detailed with crochet border. The hat, bib, and booties were crocheted regularly. I didn’t use a pattern but I can only imagine that they have been imagined by others before me.
Judd’s Sister’s LayetteJudd’s Sister’s Layette