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Toting Bag in Japan

El in Japan with her BagBefore going to Palau, I went to Japan with my family. I was so excited to take pictures everywhere with my new suit from Hong Kong and my very first crocheted bag. Its in my favorite color – antique and lined with my favorite Kona Bay Fabric – hana ga saku in Taupe. Unlike the new bags I make, the lining was all hand stitched. What a pain.

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Back From Palau

Map of PalauMy trip to Palau gave me some time to come up with ideas for my new boutique and street market sales as well as a new design for a clutch. I am hoping that I will be organized enough to open my booth this Thursday. Right now, I am working on pamphlets in English and Japanese for my leis and business cards in English and Japanese. On Tuesday, I will work on getting a business license.

Besides inspiration for my boutique, the trip was also a great cultural and scenic experience. My mom, dad, brother, and boyfriend met up in Guam and then we traveled together to Palau.

We spent three full days there. Knowing that Palau is known for its diving, my brother, the boyfriend, and I went diving with Sam’s Tours on the first day. The diving masters were great and we saw many many fish. Our first dive was at the German Channel and our second dive was at the Blue Corner. During those dives, we swam with sharks about four to six feet long and several Manta Rays, as well as many colorful fish. While at the Blue Corner, we hooked onto the coral, which allowed us to relax as the sharks were swimming around. Unfortunately, we did not have a diving camera so we are left to our memory of these beautiful creatures.

Palau-Jellyfish at AquariumOn the second day, the entire group went on a Rock Island Tour with Sam’s Tours. Once again, this crew was great and very knowledgeable. They took us to the Milky Way, Jellyfish Lake, and the cemetery. They also showed us some giant clams and a place where many sharks feast.

Picture of Palau AquariumOn the last day, the entire group traveled around the island via automobile to the infamous jail, Palau Aquarium, Belau National Museum, the Ben Franklin (“BF”) Department Store, and the Senior Citizen’s Center. Many gifts were purchased at BF. I also purchased a very pretty shell bracelet at the museum and a nice seahorse shaped storyboard from the jail. As my friend informed me, the price of storyboards at the jail is much higher than at other places. However, there is more of a selection at the jail. (Even if you aren’t looking for a storyboard, you should take a visit at the very low security jail – it is quite interesting.)

El at the Palau AquariumAn interesting note: While driving in Palau is on the right side of the road, the steering wheel is on the right (instead of the left). We found out this was because, even with the cost of importing them, used cars from Japan are significantly cheaper.

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Layette for Bf's Sister

Judd’s Sister’s LayetteI made this layette for my boyfriend’s sister’s baby boy. I was really worried that the baby would outgrow the set before he had a chance to even touch it so I insisted that he send it to his sister right away.

This color, what I call mint, is really my favorite baby color for a boy or girl. This one has pompadour, which makes the set a little shiny, which is what I like. I have never really liked variegated yarn to use as the main color but I really like how it accents.

Judd’s Sister’s LayetteThe baby blanket is made with the Tunisian knit stitch and detailed with crochet border. The hat, bib, and booties were crocheted regularly. I didn’t use a pattern but I can only imagine that they have been imagined by others before me.
Judd’s Sister’s LayetteJudd’s Sister’s Layette